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We search the running garment and gear market every week, looking for the needle in a haystack deals that will help you save money.  Instead of you having to go through every single email promotion you receive from stores and manufacturers, we thought we should save you some time.  Whether you are looking for compression socks or running watches, we have a bead on which products are good buys at which times of the year.  Here are some of our favorite running gear deals that we found right now.

North Face Kilowatt.

The North Face Kilowatt Soft Active Jacket

The Kilowatt Jacket from North Face is a great all-around jacket for cooler temps, in the 35-55 degree range.  It’s soft shell provide a high level of comfort, but enough insulation to retain body heat and a bit of wind-blocking ability.  If you will be running in ultra cold conditions, this could serve as a good layer beneath a weatherproof shell.  A great fitness jacket that you will literally wear for years.  Find here at 30% off.


North Face Versitas 1/4 Zip

The North Face Versitas Hoodie Shirt

Baselayer is such an important piece of gear.  The Versitas as (as the name suggests) a highly-versatile garment for running, hiking, and walking on cooler days, as well as warm-up cycling and stretching even when indoors.  The Versitas is another great garment from our friends at The North Face.  Great moisture-wicking design helps keep you dry even if your run turns warm.  Find it now for 30% off.


Salomon Pulse Trail Shoes

Salomon Pulse Trail Running Shoes

Trail running is become more popular, but don’t dabble in it using your regular running shoes.  Especially in winter, you want to be sure you have traction and stability.  You need something sturdier and with better support so the trail doesn’t become an ankle-twisting nightmare.  You can get them now for 35% off.


Opedix Compression Tights

Opedix is one of the leading makers of running tights, and now is the time of year when the additional support and warmth from tights is just what the coach ordered.  The U1 tights provide additional support in the

U1 Tights, perfect for cooler runs. Use code Cdesign at checkout.

knees, and are a whopping 64% off!  Use our code, ‘Cdesign’, at checkout to not only get the 64% off, but also free shipping on your order.  Click this link and use the CDesign code.


Tifosi Jet Wrap Sunglasses

A pair of Tifosi glasses are great for any runner, and just because it is colder doesn’t mean they are needed less.  In fact, running in snow is one place where you definitely need a good pair of running sunglasses as the sunlight can reflect intensely off of the snow cover.  These glasses are excellent for runners, but also great for cyclists, XC skiers, and other active people who will be working out in the sun.  We have used them ourselves, and they perform well all while you completely forget you are wearing them.  Find now for over 35% off. 


Tifosi glasses – Highly Recommended.

We will keep them coming.  Don’t miss our newly updated pieces on running gloves, our roundup of the running jacket market, and our piece on the essential gear for cold weather running.

We love to hear from our readers — please drop us a line if you are seeing great deals that we should feature in our next update of this article.  The only criteria are that the products need to be high-quality, and the discounts need to be considerable!

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