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North Face Better Than Naked Shorts

We search the running garment and gear market every week, looking for the needle in a haystack deals that will help you save money.  We will get right to the point — here are our 5 favorite deals right now.


The North Face Better than Naked Running Shorts.  These running shorts offer incredible comfort, several different colors, storage, and an excellent waistband.  This all means that you get a great pair of shorts (from The North Face, no less) for a great deal.  Find them now for 31% off.


North Face Versitas 1/4 Zip


The North Face Versitas 1/4 Zip Long-Sleeved Shirt.  Great for running, hiking, and walking on cooler days, the Versitas is another great garment from our friends at The North Face.  Great moisture-wicking design helps keep you dry even if your run turns warm.  Find it now for 30% off.


Salomon Pulse Trail Shoes

Salomon Pulse Trail Running Shoes.  Trail running is become more popular, but don’t dabble in it using your regular running shoes.  You need something sturdier and with better support so the trail doesn’t become an ankle-twisting nightmare.  You can get them now for 35% off.


Tifosi Jet Wrap Running/Cycling Glasses

Tesla HyperDri Running Shirt.  A great all-around running shirt, made of synthetic fabrics so you don’t have cold and wet cotton against your skin.  The fabric is moisture-wicking and will keep you cool.  Find now for over 50% off.


The Tifosi Jet Wrap Sunglasses are great for any runner.  In fact, they are great for cyclists, XC skiers, and other active people who will be working out in the sun.  We have used them ourselves, and they perform well all while you completely forget you are wearing them.  Find now for over 35% off. 


We will keep them coming.  Don’t miss our newly updated pieces on running gloves, our roundup of the running jacket market, and our piece on the essential gear for cold weather running.

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