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We search the running garment and gear market every week, looking for the needle in a haystack deals that will help you save money.  Instead of you having to go through every single email promotion you receive from stores and manufacturers, we thought we should save you some time.  Whether you are looking for compression socks or running watches, we have a bead on which products are good buys at which times of the year.  Here are some of our favorite running gear deals that we found right now.

2XU Quarter Zip Long-Sleeve Top

2XU Long-Sleeved Shirt: Men’s and Women’s

We just love 2XU’s gear, and it isn’t often you have a chance to buy their pieces at 50% off.  Best known for compression wear, the Quarter Zip Top is deeply discounted right now.  A quality top for those cool early-morning runs or your warmups, the fit is excellent and the material is incredibly soft.  Moisture-wicking and breathable, this could also serve as a base layer under a shell, but is best when used for a cooler-weather outer.  Find here for 50% off. 


Brooks Sport Fiona Sports Bra

Brooks Fiona Sports Bra

A great moderate-activity sports bra that comes highly rated by users for activities ranging from yoga to spin class to kickboxing.  A combination of clips and velcro straps make the bra adjustable and comfortable for many body types.  Users also love the variety of colors that the bra comes in.  If you are looking for different activity-specific bras, brooks has those as well, but this is the model that is deeply discounted right now.  30% off right now at REI.


Fit Foods Ebook:  Free Today

Fit Foods

Have you ever been training your tail off, but just feel like you have hit a plateau?  The answer might be in your nutrition plan, and Von Collins sheds some light on the diet habits you can incorporate to get more out of your workouts.  Von writes about the 21 rules of nutrition for athletes, and shares 35 of his favorite breakfast, meal, and smoothie recipes.  Find here for free today on Amazon.  After today, it is just $3.99 for the rest of the weekend.


Nike Aerofit Run / Race Shorts


Nike Aeroswift

Nike’s Dri-Fit fabric is a feature of many of their core running garments, and the Aerofit shorts are arguably the most advanced shorts of their lineup at the moment.  They are not cheap — they retail for around $80.  Right now, though, you can find them on Amazon for much less.

What makes the Aerofit shorts a cut above?  We love the ability of the shorts to stay dry and cool with a special seamless design, and an outer fabric that allows moisture to escape easily.  An easy fly vent waistband keeps the shorts at the right snugness without having to mess around with a loosening drawstring.

You really can’t go wrong with Nike Aeroswifts, and if these 4″ inseams are too short for you, there are many other lengths to choose from.

Pearl Izumi Screaming Yellow Jacket

Pearl Izumi Screaming Yellow Jacket

Do you run at night, on the side of busy streets, or in areas with lots of intersections?  We want you to stay safe, and one of the first things we reach for is often a neon yellow jacket.  The Pearl Izumi Screaming Yellow Jacket is very lightweight, and serves as a thin shell that provides max visibility for your upper body.  Ditch that black tops that nobody can see, and throw this shell on.  If you buy it now, you can save a bundle, too.  Find it here.


We will keep them coming.  We have lots of other pieces as well, such as our market overview of running treadmills, as well on the guide to cold weather running (which you probably don’t need this month!)

We love to hear from our readers — please drop us a line if you are seeing great deals that we should feature in our next update of this article.  The only criteria are that the products need to be high-quality, and the discounts need to be considerable!

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