Acel High-Performance Medi-Compression Socks

We tested the Acel high-performance medi-compression socks to see how they performed in various activities. We found that Acel makes a good sock with good compression, a nice fit, and at a decent price point.

Acel is a young company that started selling socks in 2015. The company is based in Michigan, although the socks are produced in China. They offer a wide lineup of socks, ranging from sport-specific socks to medi-compression. Our test focused on a pretty standard, men’s large sock. We went with black.

Fit: The sock’s fit was general good. It was snug as it should be, and countered to the foot and calf nicely. A unisex sizing chart on the website helps a user choose the size, and we found that the sizing seems true to specs. There are five overall size choices, from XS to XL. The sock tends to be a little thicker than some, so take that into consideration if you plan to use this with running shoes. Nothing major, but worth considering if your shoes already tend to be snug.

Colors: The color choices were pretty standard for today’s market. We saw five colors, acel sockranging from black to neon to pink. The black and white socks are likely the most popular, but the color choices seem to cover the range. These socks were available in solid colors – prints were not available. In other product lines, there were more color choices from the manufacturer, but we are keeping this review to the high-performance medi-compression socks as tested.

Performance: This is probably the most important criteria. We found the Acel compression sock’s performance to be good. We used it for running and recovery. Because the sock is a little thicker than many other others, it seems to have more firmness, as well as the added benefit of warmth. Because of the sock’s thickness, however, we did find that we got warm a little more rapidly indoors than we did when wearing other socks. These would be a very good choice for outdoor pursuits when the temperature is not hot, or for users who tend to not get warm quickly. The sock did all of the things we would expect it to – aided in recovery time and help muscles feeling fresher both during and after the run.

Construction: After some limited use, the construction of the socks appears to be good. As we mentioned earlier, this is a bit thicker sock, so you can expect sturdy construction and slightly heavier materials. They really hug tightly, and the seams are comfortable. You might not get the same level of varied paneling that you would in a higher-end sock, but in return you will be less. We have not tested them long enough to see if they stand the test of time, but the early returns are good.

Price: Acel performance medi-compression socks hit the market at about $35 a pair. You can find them discounted on occasion, but the price point tends to be lower than the higher-end socks, but not as low as the socks with more limited construction. When compared to the higher-end socks that sell for $60 or more, these will give you a little less variance in the paneling and perhaps not quite as much compression. However, compared to lesser socks, the compression of the Acel is quite good. For $35, we think these are a decent value.

Summary: The Acel high-performance medi-compression socks are a nice product for many users as this young company enters the compression sock market. We liked the fit, felt the construction was good, and think the value would be good for most buyers. The only people we might steer away from them are those who would be mainly using the socks under warm conditions. For activities like outdoor running, yardwork, snow sports, or jobs in cooler environments, these are probably an excellent sock to add to the closet.

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