Running Gloves

When it comes to colder weather running, the running glove might be the most overlooked piece of gear.  Without it, you are sure to be miserable no matter how warm you are able to keep the rest of your body.  And don’t kid yourself, those “over-the-wrist” shirts and jackets that are designed pull some covering … Read more

Best Foam Rollers for Runners

Any runner who is past their youthful teen and early 20s years knows that staying healthy is almost as important as running fast.  A foam roller is a secret weapon for may runners and triathletes in the battle against soreness and injuries. A foam roller is a simple tool — basically a tubular chunk of … Read more

How To Use KT Tape

Have you seen athletes (such as runners, weightlifters in the gym, or beach volleyball players) wearing colored ribbons (mainly blue or black) on some parts of their bodies? These strips of colors are a kind of neuromuscular bandage and are applicable in all types of patients (although mostly those suffering from sports injuries), including those … Read more