Best Running Shoes For High Arches

There has been debate lately about what the best running shoes are.  A new school of thought is that you should have the most minimal running shoe you can find, something that resembles running barefoot but with a little protection from the ground. The older-school (and time-tested) theory is that you really need to provide your foot and leg with the right level of support in order to avoid injury and preserve your precious knees.

We tend to go with the latter.  Give your feet and legs a bit of help, especially if you need to compensate for something like high arches.

You should ensure that you have a good pair of running shoes that will support your arches and provide comfort for your feet while running and carrying out rigorous exercise. The key feature these shoes should offer is a cushion that will support your arch. Sketchers have been mastering this feature for a number of years now and appear to be the industry leader despite there being other more widely marketed brands in sports footwear market. Sketchers has also become the market leaders in producing running shoes that are not reliant on laces or velcro for security.

Make no mistake, likes of Nike and Adidas and other well-known running shoe companies produce some great running shoes. Athletes may get free footwear for endorsing products, but no athlete is going to wear sports footwear that is going to hinder their performance when they need it the most.

According to the medical profession, a high arch leads to more weight placed on the heel and balls of your feet. This puts additional strain on these areas of the feet which can ultimately lead to instability, pain and possible injury. Examples of problems people can experience with high arches include:

  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Stress Fractures
  • Tendonitis
  • Arthritis
  • Shin Splints
  • Calluses
  • Ankle Sprains
  • Hammertoes
  • Pain on the Balls of the Feet

The key to minimizing problems is to find shoes that support the arch and avoid the arch collapsing. The arch is a shock absorber and if it collapses, ligaments in the feet become overstretched and strained. The best support is good cushioning at the midsole point, directly under the arch. Before trying on a pair of shoes just put your hand inside the shoe and if you can feel a lot of bounce and support I that location. If you can feel it, then it is worth your trouble trying on a pair in your size.

Skechers Synergy 2.0 – Mirror Image

The Skechers Synergy Mirror Image are running shoes for women, designed predominantly for indoor activities such as going to the gym. On the outside these shoes looks like basic training shoes and not as defined by their design when compared to more popular brands. On the inside the Skechers Synergy 2.0 has an air cooled memory foam insole with is quite defined and fantastic for supporting the arch. Wearers hardly notice the support in the shoe and it has a built in 1” heel to minimize the impact on your heels.  Find here.

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33

Any shoe in the Nike Pegasus range is designed with a midsole foam cushion which is invaluable when it comes to supporting the arch. Every year Nike refines this range. However, the older designs are not phased out because they are still effective in combating aches and pains in the feet. The cushioning is not just limited to the midsole either as the heel and forefoot are well protected and insulated through Nike’s footwear design. The foam cushion provides a springy ride and allows runners to develop their physical stamina worry free.  Find here.

Adidas AeroBounce

The Aerobounce Running Shoes for men are designed with a padded ankle collar, padded tongue, cushioned insole and a foam midsole to naturally support the arch during running exercise. This running shoe places the foot in a slightly elevated position which assists better placement of the feet, reduces impact and helps with both the recovery from and prevention of injuries. This running shoe is unmistakably Adidas with its 3 stripes hallmark which is a badge of quality that has been a company aim for nearly 80 years.  Find here. 

Mizuno Wave Prophecy 6

The Wave Prophecy 6 looks like it has been designed in the future. It has a platform that seems to barely to attach itself to the shoe, but is unique in its ability to cushion you as you run. The design is quite intricate for a running shoe; then again it is a pricey accessory so you almost feel that you should be getting something amazing for your money. Cushioning is provided throughout the interior of the Mizuno Wave Prophecy 6 and it is easy to see how much bounce this running shoe has that will minimize the impact to heels and ligaments in the foot.

We love the shoes that Mizuno keeps cranking out, and the Wave Prophecy is part of the broader Wave lineup which is tried-and-true in our experience.   Find here. 

New Balance 670V5

The New Balance 670 runners sit in the middle price range of the running shoes we have talked about above. As with the other models discussed the New Balance 670V5 offers lightweight materials that provide breathability for your feet and also features midsole cushioning made from compression foam to provide extra support and reduce some of the worrying consequences listed above for feet that exercise hard and have high arches.  Find here.

What is clear is running shoes that support high arches are not necessarily at the high end of the price range for sportswear. And although branded sportswear tends to last, it is potentially good value for the money to keep in mind all the health benefits that can be offered, as that is arguably even more important than your shoe’s ultimate durability.

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