Best Shoes for Standing All Day

If you are on your feet all day – whether it is at work, walking the floors as a nurse, at a museum with your family, or in kitchen working on the perfect meal – comfortable shoes can be the difference between having fun and being in pain. It is particularly true for those who find themselves on their feet all day long, as those long shifts may wreak havoc with your feet. We require comfortable footwear which is cool and light enough to prevent our feet from becoming sweaty, fatigued, and smelly.

A good shoe, combined with other gear, can make being on your feet all day much more comfortable.  Dress right, make sure you are warm or cool depending on your environment, and if you are a nurse don’t forget about compression socks.  As for the shoes, look for a good all-purposes shoe, or even a cross-trainer.  The key here is comfort — don’t get too hung up on looks or high-end athletic performance.  Based on our market analysis, here are the 4 best shoes right now for standing all day:

Skech Air Slip Resistant Lace-Up – Skechers for Work Series

This shoe is a member of the shoe series – Skechers for Work – which  is continually expanding to meet the necessities of female employees. In case that is not clear, the brand has been printed upon the back of the sneaker-styled shoe. It definitely is one of the most casual-appearing shoes the company has made thus far, with a relaxed appearance to its design, materials, thick sole, as well as basic lace-up closure. As a consequence, it looks exactly like the type of shoe ladies might use to work and stand all day in the workplace in kitchens and warehouses and offices. In addition, it helps that it’s mainly black so stylwise, it will go with any outfit or uniform.

This absolutely turns out to be true when users experience the fit and comfort features of the shoe and its product description boasts a “cloud-like comfort”. This is presumably because of the shoe’s all-encompassing comfort features, as well as its capability of relieving pressure onfeet all through the day. The sneakers feature padding upon the collar and tongue, soft fabric lining, as well as memory foam inside its sole for maximum cushioning. On top of that, it has shock absorbency in its midsole meant to decrease the shock of any floor impacts. Skechers for Work Skech Air Slip Resistant Lace-U is one the best sneakers if you must stand all day in the workplace.  Find here.

KEEN Anchor Park Low WP Sneaker

We love Keen shoes.  This is a shoe is appropriate for those who discover themselves stuck on their feet for lengthy shifts in warehouses and restaurants etc.. Its finest feature is likely its membrane, which surrounds your foot and keeps it very comfortable and safe over those long periods of standing. It’s breathable, meaning that moisture and air does not collect, as such, feet stay dry and cool. Besides this, it’s also waterproof, making it perfect for people who work outside. These shoes keep dry and protect the feet which rest on a metatomical EVA footbed, as well as enjoy PU heel cushions for additional comfort. This shoe keeps your feet secure and stabilized for long-term comfort. This long-term support, great fit, and additional practical features – such as its durable construction and strong traction – means that this shoe is an excellent selection for those tougher work places.  Find here.

Propet Commuterlite Walking Sneaker

the Commuterlite is a good looking shoe.  This shoe appears as if it is a cross between a smart office sneaker and a walking sneaker, with its black or brown leather material, thick platform and contrast stitching. Its platform contains a solid grip for ensuring traction when walking on surfaces which are slippery, and the entire sneaker only weighs about 10 oz.; therefore, there won’t be anything on your feet weighing you down on these lengthy work shifts. Propet insists that “you will be strolling on air, whether it be to a ball park, the pub, or the office”. In its interior, there’s an inside heel counter that helps keep your foot stabilized, as well as prevent pain in this part of your foot. It’s enhanced further through its shock-absorbing spaces inside the insole. Now, the insole is also removable if you prefer – if you happen to  require special devices – and the shoe’s moisture wicking lining keeps feet dry.  Find here.

AVIA Avi-Union Strap Service Sneaker

The final shoe in this list of the best shoe for people who find themselves themselves working upon concrete flooring or for extended periods of time is AVIA’s service sneaker. This sneaker is probably the most causal looking one one on this list with a scruffy, soft shape as compared to a loafer model. That means it is going to be very attractive in those types of work places in which comfort, safety, as well as convenience are a lot more important than appearances.

This shoe definitely is designed for usage on hard flooring. It contains an OSR outsole for better traction on liquid and oil, its cantilever heel is perfectly modeled to provide stability for long-period wearing and has outstanding shock absorbency within its midsole. That helps to protect your feet over lengthy spans of time in order to guard against potential injury, inflamation or fatigue. With that said, its ethylene vinyl acetate insole – that offers even more comfort and padding – can also be taken out in favor of your own personal orthotics if needed. An additional feature of this shoe that’s interesting is its use of a couple of hook and loop straps rather than laces, meaning that it will to be a more convenient way for many users when putting it on and will assist in improving the fit.  Find here.

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