Cross Trainers for Men and Women

Cross-training is popular with people who are looking for a balanced, full-body workout.  After all, cross-training offers many proven benefits. It provides you with a balanced workout for whatever fitness level you desire ensuring you end up with a balanced physique, and the risk of injury cross-training is small compared to other intensive exercise regimen.  Given all that, it is hard to argue with the merits of this kind of exercise.

As with anything that is going to challenge you physically, in order to do it well you’ll need the right gear.  Let’s talk about the best footwear you can have for cross-training.  (If you are looking for the right shoes for travel, we don’t recommend cross-trainers.  Check out our piece on travel shoes, here).

The top cross-training sneakers for women and men are those which offer the flexibility when it comes to handling your running, jumping, and lateral movement with ease. In addition, with the best cross-training sneakers you ought to feel, no matter what you are doing, that you are as grounded and stable as if you are performing static exercises.

But why go out of your way to buy cross-trainers if you already have sneakers that you are comfortable with?  Because, due to the specific demands cross-training puts on your feet, if you aren’t wearing the proper cross-training shoes, not only will you not be comfortable with this improper footwear you may also injure yourself, potentially severely.

This leaves you with a question then:  How best to select the right best cross-trainers for you and your regimen, when there is such a broad variety available? To help, we have put together a collection of the best cross-training shoes available for both women and men in 2017, which is listed below.

2 Best Cross-Training Shoes for Women:

ASICS GEL-Fit Sana Cross Training Sneaker

When it comes to athletic shoes nowadays, we think Asics is cranking out some of the best shoes on the market.  We think the Sana is one of the best cross trainers available for women right now. These shoes are ultra-lightweight, breathable, and flexible. As such, you can be certain that they are ideal for both studio and gym workouts.

One main difference between this shoe and the other shoes in the marketplace is that they utilize a GEL cushion which limits shock. Plus, this shoe offers what the manufacturer calls a ‘Flexible Fit System’ which provides you adaptable support. This is a fantastic feature, particularly when you are changing from one task to another. This cross-training shoe includes a rubber sole which allows exercisers to keep moving just the way they like. The shoe is extremely comfortable, built to last and offers five different colors for the style conscious.

Find the Asics Sana here.

RYKA Influence Cross-Training Shoe

If you are searching for sneakers that are perfect for a high-intensity workout, you should consider RYKA. And also, when it comes to cross-training, they know what they are doing. This shoe is no exception.

RYKA’s Women’s Influence Cross-Training sneaker was especially made for Zumba and Jazzercise; however, it’s possible to use them for many other activities as well. Most folks consider the RYKA Cross-Training Shoe as the top cross-training shoes for women due to their Ultrathin Flex-Foil overlay. That is what gives them their lightweight structure stability and strength, which is provided by its Direct-Fure stitchless layer system.

RYKA’s shoe includes insoles which will protect exercisers against impact while offering an excellent degree of comfort. As well, it’s possible to remove the insoles and replace them with other kinds of insoles, if needed or preferred. Due to their particular design, if you happen to have wide feet, especially in the toe area, these shoes are ideal for you.

Find the Ryka Influence here.

2 Best Cross-Training Sneakers for Men:

PUMA Tazon 6 FM Cross Trainers

If you are searching for the top cross-training sneakers for men, you should consider this shoe. It features a sleek silhouette and overall design which is going to make your feet feel fully stable and well-cushioned. Built with synthetic leather uppers along with mid-foot saddles, you can be rest-assured that your feet are going to be absolutely comfortable and fit perfectly inside this shoe. When you are working out, the cross-trainers’ heel will absorb the impact, reducing stress on your feet with every step. With nine different available colors and without a significant arch in its design, this shoe is also an excellent choice for the fashion conscious and  people with flat feet.

Find the Puma Tazon here.

Nike Airmax TR Cross Trainer

Nike Airmax 180TR
Nike Airmax

It is hard to have a list of best shoes of any type without include something from Nike.  When it comes to cross trainers, Nike offers a few different models but the one we like, hands down, is the Airmax.  The Airmax from Nike has a mesh body like many of the shoes on this list, but what you will really notice is the upper which is constructed of Flywire technology.  This helps keep your ankle stable when doing high impact classes or even playing a game of pickup basketball (but if you really want to protect yourself against twisted ankles on the court, consider basketball shoes).

In addition to the excellent support, the cushion level is very good and we especially love the grip on the sole.  It is not exactly enough to ensure you won’t slip on ice, but it gives you a very firm lock on the surface and is excellent for indoor and some outdoor use.  There are other Nike shoes on the market, but we like these best for cross training.


Find the Airmax TR here. 

What to Look For

Remember, when looking for the best cross-training shoes, here is what you should be looking for:

Choose multiple shoes from different brands to try out, as most brands offer a different model and design of cross-trainer depending on the range of activities.  Given that everyone has a different training regimen it is vital that you try out many types of cross-trainers in order to identify which will be the best for you.

Test the fit of every shoe. This can be achieved by wiggling your toes and identifying the place the top of your toe is, in reference to the inside of the top of your shoe; and your heel ought to feel supported and secure when wearing the shoe.

Consider any and all fit issues associated with the shoe and be certain to try out every shoe with the socks you’d be wearing while exercising.





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