Two Types of Compression Shorts – Underwear or Outerwear

Comrpession Shorts Underwear Outer

Do you wear compression shorts as underwear?  Yes, but know that while some compression shorts are specifically designed as underwear, others have different intended uses.  Either way, compression shorts are meant to be worn with nothing else underneath.  It is perhaps the most common question we receive about compression gear. Compression shorts come in a … Read more

Compression Shorts for Women: An Overview

compression shorts

The compression gear market is pretty evenly targeted toward males and females, but we are happy to see the options for women’s compression gear perhaps outpacing the market for males.  Like all compression gear ranging from compression socks to shirts, compression shorts can provide women comfort, support, and recovery benefits while participating in a wide … Read more

Running Jackets

Running jackets are an essential piece of cold weather running gear. Skimp, and you will be sorry. Invest in a good one, and your winter runs will become some of your favorite workouts of the year. Here, we will share which running jackets to consider, and what to look for when you are buying one. The … Read more

Cold Weather Running Gear Essentials

Runners who live in colder climates or climates with the possibility of a couple colds snaps a year undoubtedly face a common question: Should I run outside, run inside on a treadmill, or temporarily stop my training until it gets warmer?  Being a Minnesota-based organization, we know a thing or two about cold weather running. … Read more

Reflective Running Gear Guide

Pounding the pavement and road is a great way to improve fitness and lose weight, but it comes with hazards – traffic. With most households owning more than one vehicle, busy schedules, increased volume of traffic often for even short journeys that previously were carried out by walking or using public transport means runners are … Read more

Camelbak vs. Yeti vs. Hydro Flask Bottles

The market for water bottles, tumblers, and flasks has exploded in recent years, and the quality of products has taken a big step forward.  The days of plain, plastic water bottles are going away.  Instead, high-quality, BPA-free, insulated bottles are becoming the new norm.  These are bottles that, if cared for properly, will last you … Read more

Best Foam Rollers for Runners

Any runner who is past their youthful teen and early 20s years knows that staying healthy is almost as important as running fast.  A foam roller is a secret weapon for may runners and triathletes in the battle against soreness and injuries. A foam roller is a simple tool — basically a tubular chunk of … Read more

Running Gear Discounts

We search the running garment and gear market every week, looking for the needle in a haystack deals that will help you save money.  Instead of you having to go through every single email promotion you receive from stores and manufacturers, we thought we should save you some time.  Whether you are looking for compression … Read more

Best Running Watches

Staying fit can be a very inexpensive hobby, or one that you can make significant investments in.  For example, you can buy a pair of good shoes and running shorts and start jogging, or deck yourself out with the best and most expensive gear.  The same goes for the running watches on the market today. One … Read more

Compression Shorts as Underwear

Can you use compression shorts as underwear?  Yes! Athletes in recent years have found that the technology and comfort found in compression shorts can significantly improve their physical performance as well as athletic recovery.  Customers have seen that the underwear-type of compression shorts have quickly become a staple during and after workouts, and given the … Read more

Basketball Compression Shorts and Tights

Compression shorts and tights have grown in popularity, and perhaps the sport that has seen the biggest increase in popularity is basketball.  In the past few years, compression shorts and tights available for men, women and the youth in all different colors and sizes have exploded on the basketball scene.  Watch an NBA game, and … Read more

Best Multi-Purpose Walking Shoes

Whether you are looking for shoes that will be all-purpose footwear around your house, or ones that will help you walk your way through a foreign country, getting the right walking shoes is an important decision.  If you plan to travel Europe, check out our separate piece on our 3 favorite shoes for traveling Europe. … Read more

Study in Australia 2020 – How To Apply For Visa

Almost certainly, remote capability increases the value of your resume. Additionally, concentrate in abroad is actually a groundbreaking encounter for each understudy. There is a chance to grasp new culture, begin winning to bear the cost of your costs, attempt diverse food or more all experience childhood in an expertly testing condition. Numerous Pakistani understudies … Read more

Best Compression Socks For Nurses

Of all occupations, nurses have among the most demands on their legs. They need to stand for long periods of time, often on unpredictable surfaces or in situations or postures that do not easily provide for frequent rest breaks.  As a result, they are often the first people to look for relief and support in … Read more