Under Armour Ventilated Compression Shorts

Through focusing on creating workout gear unlike anything else on the market, the UA Ventilated compression shorts were designed and developed with a true athlete in mind.  The features of these shorts places them high above all other undergarment workout shorts on the market for athletes.  For superior performance and excellence in comfort and mobility … Read more

Under Armour Heat Gear Compression Shorts Review

Under Armour is a leader in the fitness apparel industry, and has developed state of the art fitness gear that maximizes support while also providing athletes with unprecedented comfort and care.  The UA heat gear compression shorts are a key to a targeted workout experience for every athlete.  Regardless of gender, athletes will appreciate the … Read more

What Are Compression Shorts

What are compression shorts? If you are new to the world of compression shorts, you are missing out on one of the more advanced developments in workout gear in the past couple decades.  Compression shorts have hit the scene with athletes of all skill levels, ranging from pro football players to weekend joggers.  Many people … Read more