Tommie Copper Exo Compression Socks Review

Tommie Copper specializes in the manufacturing of products for athletes and the relief of persistent pain and aches through copper-infused compression. The Exo compression socks of Tommie Copper provide active compression helping exo-velocity-otc-sock_yellow_0_1blood circulation, reducing fatigue and supporting muscles and joints, in a package that costs around $50. We have seen more copper-infused socks hit the market lately, and Tommie Copper has built its entire compression brand around it and has perhaps been the most successful in the niche.  While we are not scientists and can only relay the manufacturers claims,  copper-infused compression socks are said to have the property of releasing ions that reduces oxidants and acts as a natural anti-bacterial agent.

The compression socks market is pretty saturated these days, based on our annual roundup, but the Tommie Copper lineup keeps maintaining a position as one of the better sock brands out there.

Tommie Copper Exo Compression Socks Key Features

  • High tech and comfort – Research cited by Tommie Copper has demonstrated that copper helps to reduce inflammation, helps the blood and oxygen flow and helps connective tissues grow. Tommie Copper Exo Compression Socks include 56% copper-infused nylon yarn that is knitted with the latest multi-directional compression technology positioning the copper over the source of pain. The Exo Compression Socks have extra cushion that provides added comfort for the heel and toes and are knitted in a rib arch design for added support.  Runner’s reviews are that the socks are consistently comfortable, but they are also useful in other activities such as being on your feet all day as a nurse or other worker on a hard surface.
  • Anti-bacterial properties of copper – Most bacteria, yeasts and viruses are shown to die on contact with metallic copper. This is a historical use of copper that has had renewed attention for antibacterial usage in health care. The emission of positive ions is also popular in holistic therapy to produce wellness.  We are not here to to discuss the science behind copper in compression (again, we are not scientists), but its popularity suggests it is becoming widely accepted.
  • Moisture wicking and UV rays protection – Exo Compression Socks provide UPF 50+ protection against harmful UV rays sunlight and moisture wicking and breathability helping keep the feet cool and dry.  Any sock at this price point should do a great job keeping moisture away from the skin, and the Exo sock performs well in that regard.
  • Ergonomically designed – The socks are designed ergonomically to enhance movement. Tommie Copper uses the latest technology in the manufacturing of the Exo Compression Socks.

Benefits of Tommie Copper Exo Compression Socks

Tommie Copper touts several benefits of their socks not found in other brands at the high-end price point.  They include:

  • Specialization in production of copper-infused garments, created the most complete copper-inclusive socks
  • Helps improve running performance, maintain endurance and accelerates post-exercise recovery. Tommie Copper Exo Compression socks applies graduated compression which is pressure that start from the top and decreases at the bottom with 100% of pressure being applied at the ankle, 70% at the calf, and 40% on the top, which will help promote blood flow from the lower extremities to the heart.  Like many of the higher-end compression socks, our tests also found that the Tommie Copper’s helped alleviate shin splints in some runners.
  • Like other compression gear, the Tommie Copper socks assist with pain reduction, fatigue relief, support of muscles and joints, aid blood circulation, combat swelling and inflammation. It also helps in the following conditions: Spider veins or varicose veins resulting from swollen blood vessels, lymphedema which is an abnormal condition that results in high-protein fluid being trapped beneath the skin, phlebitis which is the inflammation of the veins walls, and many others.
  • In fabric such as compression socks the emission of copper ions absorbed through the skin induces angiogenesis, the production of new blood vessels from existing vessels while simultaneously having a biocidal effect reducing the risk of bacterial and fungal infections. Copper is also readily used by the body when absorbed. Studies have shown that the use of copper in close contact to the body helps in odor control, improves hygiene, and gives a healthier skin tone and texture.

Tommie Copper Exo Compression socks are sized according to shoe size, and reviews suggest that they run true to size per the company’s website. The most common colors are black, green, red and white with other socks having a mixture of these colors forming beautiful patterns. The socks contain 92% nylon and 8% spandex and can be cleaned in cold water with non-chlorine bleach without fabric softener. The socks have graduated compression meaning that pressure is felt from the ankles and reduces at the hips.

Tommie Copper Exo Compression socks occupy the high-end of the market at $50, but within that price point they are priced a bit below some of their competitors such as 2xU Elite compression socks. They are knee high and available in any range of mmHg pressure. When seeking to purchase compression socks, 15-25 mmHg is the most common range for anyone into triathlon, running, cycling, etc., or if simply seeking to give the legs extra endurance from after having undertaken various activities or in need of athletic recovery. Higher pressure level is often recommended by a medical practitioner for the treatment of certain conditions, but see your medical provider for those recommendations.

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