Under Armour Heat Gear Compression Shorts Review

Under Armour is a leader in the fitness apparel industry, and has developed state of the art fitness gear that maximizes support while also providing athletes with unprecedented comfort and care.  The UA heat gear compression shorts are a key to a targeted workout experience for every athlete.  Regardless of gender, athletes will appreciate the advanced technology that is present in the Heat Gear compression shorts, and the clear fitness and health benefits that this product offers.

If the Heat Gear product line sounds familiar to you, it is because it is not exclusive to shorts.  UA uses the name and the technology for many types of compression wear.  It is a patented construction that uses multiple layers of finely constructed fabric to help moisture escape while moderating body temp.

The Heat compression shorts are closely related to the Under Armour Ventilated compression shorts.  Key differences are that the Heat Gear shorts are most commonly found at slightly shorter lengths – about a 7-inch inseam – and they are made of spandex instead of poly.  Outside of that, they have a very similar function and feel, and trying both may be warranted.

Athletes in all sports will be able to enjoy and experience the improved fitness experience that is available to them when they use the UA heat gear compression shorts.  Athletes that enjoy running, cycling, baseball, and a wide range of other physical activities will love the enhanced workout experience provided to them through this advanced undergarment.  The shorts can be easily and comfortably worn as an undergarment for athletes that are training, competing, or performing.  The versatility with which these shorts can be used provides athletes with a multifaceted piece of workout equipment that they can use across multiple workout experiences.

Nike’s Heat Gear shorts tend to be popular in all sports.

The advanced technology behind the UA heat gear shorts has created a way for athletes to truly maximize performance and comfort at the same time.  The significant benefits offered by these athletic compression shorts are significant.  Athletes that utilize this product will experience

  • Advanced anti-microbial technology to reduce and eliminate the development of odors
  • Increased flexibility and range of motion
  • A highly comfortable undergarment that enhances endurance and physical capability
  • A reinforced waistband to maximize comfort and provide an enhanced fit.

The benefits offered to athletes by this product are significant and should not be quickly overlooked.  Athletes from all sports are finding that the advantages provided to them with this resource are absolutely essential for them to utilize on a daily basis.

Price Range

These compression shorts will typically cost around $25 at most outlets.  When compared to shorts from other makers, this pricing is in line.  Keep in mind that these shorts are not meant to be worn as outergarments, so are not really comparable with some of the compression shorts on the market priced at $75 or more.

User Experience

Both men and women have reported a high degree of performance and satisfaction from the UA heat gear shorts.  For many athletes the routine of working out and using their same equipment on a daily basis can result in overlooking the advantages offered to them in a new piece of workout equipment.  As with most people who try Under Armor gear, most users are satisfied with the construction and feel the value is good for the pricing of the garments.

For the serious athlete who is training intensively it can feel extremely frustrating when physical discomfort gets in the way of meeting one’s physical goals.  The pain, itching, and discomfort that comes with chafing and rashes that often develop from repeated workouts can leave athletes feeling uncomfortable.  This significant discomfort can get in the way of the athlete being able to perform at their optimal level.  Users of this product are finding that these types of discomforts no longer have to interfere with their workouts.  Through offering maximum comfort and physical support users are finding that their workouts have a new intensity that lasts for a greater duration than ever before.  Athletes that have tried this piece of apparel from all of types of sports have questioned why they didn’t decide to buy and utilize this product sooner.


Intense workouts can be difficult on the body but their toll can be significantly reduced through utilizing this essential piece of workout gear during each and every workout and physical performance.  Using fitness shorts with spandex, nylon, or lycra can help  support the body while a great providing a moisture-wicking material.  The versatility and support offered by the tried-and-true UA Heatgear short makes it a highly valuable piece for every athlete to own.  Under Armour has once again provided a highly valuable piece of workout equipment to athletes that are striving to perform excellently during every single one of their workout experiences. The UA heat gear compression shorts should be considered for many as one of the good, basic compression shorts if wearing the compression shorts as an undergarment is the goal.

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