Under Armour Ventilated Compression Shorts

Through focusing on creating workout gear unlike anything else on the market, the UA Ventilated compression shorts were designed and developed with a true athlete in mind.  The features of these shorts places them high above all other undergarment workout shorts on the market for athletes.  For superior performance and excellence in comfort and mobility athletes absolutely must consider adding the UA ventilated compression shorts to their collection of top of the line workout gear.

These shorts are closely related to Under Armour’s Heat compression shorts.  The Heat model is typically a couple inches shorter on the inseam and made of spandex, while these are normally a 10-inch inseam and made of poly.  We see some in the shorter 7 inch inseam, however.  We recommend users buy one of each and then decide which model is more comfortable for them in the long run.  The pricing is just a notch higher than the Heat Gear at $35 – $40.

Under Armour has created a highly respected brand where regardless of the sport apparel or the piece of equipment being purchased consumers can confidently utilize their products knowing that they were truly designed with the health of the athlete in mind.  The ventilated compression shortsare no different.  The superior level of comfort available to athletes that utilize this product will push their workout efforts to the next step that they have been trying hard to get to.  Through incorporating the highest quality and softest athletic materials into this compression short Under Amour has created a truly valuable product that athletes are sure to love and use day after day for all of their physical workout needs.

What is the Difference Between Heatgear and Ventilated shorts from UA?

A common question we get is to explain the difference between Heat Gear and Ventilated shorts.  They are both made by UA, they both are in the same general price range, and they both are targeted for the same sports.  Frankly, we think most users would enjoy both makes of short.  The major difference is that the Ventilated shorts have actual vents built in to strategic spots of the fabric.  These vents are designed to let heat escape and keep you just a little dryer.  We think the difference is marginal but noticeable, and if you are prone to having sweat-soaked shorts during a workout, the ventilated concept might be worth a try.


The UnderArmour ventilated compression shorts provide athletes with the support and versatility that they are looking for in all of their workouts.  Athletes tend to highly appreciate a few key features:

  • high level of physical support that also provides maximum ventilation
  • supportive fit that protects muscles and promotes endurance
  • significant reduction in moisture and skin irritation

Athletes will appreciate the comfort and performance of the shorts.  Comfort and technology truly combine in this compression short to provide athletes will a very well rounded supportive piece of apparel.

Price Range

The UA ventilated compression shorts will typically cost between $30 to $40 for an athlete to purchase depending on features, colors, and sizing of the short bought.

User Experience

Athletes trying to save money may be hesitant to pay the few extra dollars for Under Armour apparel, but given UA’s reputation and durability, you get some good value for the extra investment.  Not only does this workout apparel provided an enhanced and supportive workout experience, but it also provides a sustained support system that will last and uphold its quality over time.  This one piece of workout apparel can be used in numerous ways and for an extremely wide range of sporting activities.  The versatility offered by this single product makes it truly valuable for every athlete to own and use, regardless of the sport or climate it will be used in.

We have become big fans of Under Armour’s fabric engineering, something that they have invested lots of R&D dollars in over the years.  As soon as men and women try these on they will instantly feel the comfort and quality of these compression shorts.  They are generally considered to be a nice step above of many of the other pairs of compression shorts on the market for only a slightly higher price point.  Athletes are finding that their workouts are significantly enhanced through the routine use of the ventilated shorts, largely due to the fabric’s ability to keep the user dry.  Athletes will greatly appreciate the enhanced support and care that their bodies are offered by this valuable item.

The last thing that an athlete wants to worry about when they are working out is how their clothing is fitting.  All too often clothing and workout apparel can get in the way of an athlete truly being able to work out.  For this reason the benefits of this piece are truly significant because these shorts truly join with the athlete to complete the workout task at hand.  Athletes do not have to worry about the fit of this item.  Instead, they can focus on their workout.  This is truly valuable to male and female athletes alike.


Athletes should not overlook the impact that these shorts can have on their workout as is the case with any high quality compression shorts.  Whether someone ultimately decides on this or the very similar Heat Gear compression short, UA has proven to be a good brand for compression shorts. Athletes will not be disappointed by the way in which the Under Armour ventilated compression short joins with them to complete their workout in a way that keeps them dry.  In particular, we think that athletes who find themselves sweating to the point of affecting their gear might want to look at the ventilated shorts.

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