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Our mission is to help people be active!

Compression + Design was founded in 2012 by seasoned and critical users of top athletic wear.  Triathletes, runners, and cyclists by hobby, we have a passion for high quality athletic gear, and we found a need for better information about compression wear, socks, shorts, leggings, and cycling shorts.  We firmly believe that the quality of engineering, construction, and materials in today’s compression gear are unlike anything the industry has seen before.  Among our writing team is Von Collins, the trusted author of several books and articles in the triathlon and fitness community.

Your support of us and our affiliates helps maintain places like this. (pictured: Boundary Waters Canoe Area, MN)

We are not affiliated with a major brand or company.  Our brand is us, Compression + Design.  Our core purpose is around education and being a resource. We occasionally link to products on other sites, and in some (but not all) of those cases there may be a small commission paid if you purchase from them.  We encourage you to patronize our affiliates, but in no way do those small commissions affect the objectivity of our reviews.  In fact, for many of the products we recommend here, we will never make a penny from the manufacturer.  But if we feel it is the best product, we will tell you.

We review everything that comes through our locker room, good, bad, or ugly.  Our mission is to provide you accurate and reliable guidance on your journey to find the right active gear for you!

Compression + Design donates 10% of any profits to nonprofit causes that advance health and activity in our society.  Recently supported causes include debilitating disease research, public trail maintenance, and protection of public recreation areas.  If your organization would like to be considered for future support, please contact us.

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