Running Gloves

When it comes to colder weather running, the running glove might be the most overlooked piece of gear.  Without it, you are sure to be miserable no matter how warm you are able to keep the rest of your body.  And don’t kid yourself, those “over-the-wrist” shirts and jackets that are designed pull some covering … Read more

How to Find a Running Track Near Me

Becoming fit and building exercise into your lifestyle can be difficult to do.  Having a personal trainer is not always appealing or can be justified on the grounds of costs.  Going to gyms can be a lonely and intimidating experience, especially if only just embarking on trying to get fit and feeling body conscious – … Read more

Tommie Copper Compression Brand Review

Tommie Copper offers a full lineup of compression wear, including shirts, shorts, base layers, gloves, and tights.  Compared to other compression gear makers, Tommie Copper has a different bent than many.  They infuse copper into the gear, which provides another dimension beyond the compression itself. Tommie Copper has been around since about 2010, and in … Read more

5 Best Long Sleeve Compression Shirts

UA HeatGear compression shirt sleeve

Long sleeve compression shirts are the most popular form of compression gear for the upper body, and popular with all kinds of athletes. Fitness enthusiasts use them to complete their workout outfit. They serve as a base layer underneath a shell or jacket for many athletes who are doing colder-weather sports. Crossfit and workout rats … Read more

2XU Elite Compression Socks Review

2XU Elite compression socks represent some of the leading technology in the market. Our review found them to be effective, comfortable, and durable. You can find them here on Amazon. 2XU is one of our go-to companies when it comes to triathlon gear, wetsuits, and compression wear. While they make compression tights and shorts, 2XU’s … Read more

Best Running Sunglasses

A good pair of running sunglasses is critical for running.  On sunny days, it obviously makes the run more comfortable and keeps you from squinting, and plays an underrated safety role in keeping debris and bugs out of your eyes.  When it gets colder, running glasses are just as important.  They are a key part … Read more

Best Gym Bags for Men and Women

If you work out often, you probably carry a lot of things with you, including your workout gear, supplements, a change of clothing, an extra pair of shoes, shaker bottles, and toiletry items. You might even bring some snacks for your post-workout meal. As you can see, there is a lot you could bring to … Read more

5 Best Mats for Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga, also known in some circles as Moksha or Modo yoga, evolved out of Bikram yoga in India, but has been popular in North America for about 15 years. Hot yoga requires thinking a little differently about your gear and attire. If you go to hot yoga classes or have your own set up … Read more

Best Compression Socks Guide and Reviews

Best Compression Socks

Compression socks have become some of the hottest products on the fitness market today.  You have undoubtedly seen marathoners, triathletes, weekend athletes, and even travelers sporting compression socks.  The growth in compression socks’ popularity follows major growth in the overall compression wear industry, with some reports suggesting it will continue growing at a 6% clip … Read more

9 Best Yoga Pants and Shorts

athleta yoga pants

Yoga has become one of the most popular physical activities in the world, and for good reason.  In addition to offering mental and spiritual benefits, yoga can be one of the best single activities for building strength, flexibility, and balance in a way that is generally safe for your body.  The number of people who … Read more

Compression Shorts: What You Get for the Money

Compression shorts are not all created equal.  Some are high-end, highly-technical athletic garments designed for athletes.  Others are essentially underwear that can be had for around $10.  They might not even be comparable, although they are both labeled as “compression shorts”.  A big part of knowing exactly which are for you is to determine your … Read more

Best Protein Bars for Runners

Protein bars are a secret weapon for many runners.  Proteins are critical to muscular recovery, something important to any athlete who is trying to improve their performance over time.  They can also be a great pinch-hitting food for times in-between meals, while traveling, or pre-workout when you don’t have access to other natural food.  Triathletes … Read more

Compression Sleeves: Everything You Need to Know

Compression sleeves for runners hit the market several years ago, after having been marketed in the medical products industry for years.  Watch any marathon, and you will see plenty of sleeves being worn.  While many runners and other athletes swear by their benefits, others suggest that you need to be careful and know what you are … Read more

Womens Compression Pants: Reviews and Recommendations

Compression pants for women have come a long way in recent years, thankfully so.  A decade ago, they consisted mainly of running tights and other similar leggings.  Now, compression pants have become mainstream for activities like yoga, crossfit, group fitness, and other popular activities.  The leggings and tights are also increasingly popular for wearing in … Read more

Two Types of Compression Shorts – Underwear or Outerwear

Comrpession Shorts Underwear Outer

Do you wear compression shorts as underwear?  Yes, but know that while some compression shorts are specifically designed as underwear, others have different intended uses.  Either way, compression shorts are meant to be worn with nothing else underneath.  It is perhaps the most common question we receive about compression gear. Compression shorts come in a … Read more