Best Gym Bags for Men and Women

If you work out often, you probably carry a lot of things with you, including your workout gear, supplements, a change of clothing, an extra pair of shoes, shaker bottles, and toiletry items. You might even bring some snacks for your post-workout meal. As you can see, there is a lot you could bring to the gym to make sure you have everything you need at your disposal. The issue with carrying a lot of items is finding the right gym bag. It’s just not wise to purchase the first gym bag you see.

What to look for when in a gym bag

There’s a lot to think about when choosing a gym bag to bring to the gym. You will want a bag that’s specifically designed for the gym. You don’t want to ruin a completely nice-looking bag with all your supplements and dirty clothing. You also don’t want to bring a cheap bag that’ll rip and tear in a couple of months either. So what should you look for in a gym bag?

Storage space

As obvious as it sounds, you’ll want to choose a bag that will provide enough storage space for you. Depending on the items you bring, you may want a lot of zippers and packing compartments. Having more of these allows you to separate and easily locate specific items rather than having everything packed together. Not only is this more hygienic, but it’s also organized. This way, you can work out and grab things from your bag as soon as you need them. The size of the bag doesn’t matter if it’s able to hold everything you need.


There are two types of people. Those who leave all their gym bags in their lockers, and those who bring their gym bags with them while they work out. If you leave your bag in your locker, you don’t have to worry as much about durability since you’re leaving your bag in a locker. On the other hand, if you bring your gym bag with you, it’s going to be hitting the floor and be dragged around fairly often. This makes your bag vulnerable to rips and tears, so it’ll be important to choose a bag that’s durable.


Like most people in the gym, they care about the way they look. That’s why a lot of people work out in the first place, to look and be fit and strong. To help gain some confidence in the gym, you’ll want to pick a stylish bag that suits you. Take note of the material of the canvas, zippers, handles, straps, and other stylish elements. You’ll also want to choose a simple color like black, gray, navy, and brown because they pair with any outfit.


How you value a gym bag will be different from somebody else. Your value depends on what you’re receiving in relation to the price you’re paying. The most valuable gym bags will be those that are within your budget but still incorporate everything you’re looking for in a bag.

Now that you the factors to consider when choosing a gym bag, it’s time to look at the some of the best gym bags on the market. Each of these bags were carefully reviewed, so make sure to read through each of them carefully before making an informed purchase decision. Here are the three gym bags we’ll be reviewing:

1. FocusGear Ultimate Gym Bag

2. MarsBro Gym Bag

3. INOXTO Fitness Gym Bag

FocusGear Ultimate Gym Bag

Find the FocusGear Ultimate here on Amazon.

The FocusGear gym bag is one of the most innovative and functional gym bags we’ve ever seen. Based on the factors we talked about above, this gym bag has them all. It was carefully designed using a crowdsourcing platform to determine what should be included on the bag. Here are some key features:

  • Storage space. The FocusGear bag has over 10 packing compartments, including two wet compartments, a compartment for a water bottle and protein shaker, a compartment for your shoes and towel, and even a hidden compartment to store slippers and extra shoes.
  • Durability. The bag is made from reinforced stitching which was drop and stress tested. The bag has a water-resistant bottom side just in case you set your gym bag on top of a wet surface.
  • Style. On top of the other great features of this bag, you’re able to choose from six simple colors including black, gray, teal, blue, red, and silver. The bag looks more expensive than what it actually costs, so this is an excellent choice.

MarsBro Sports Gym Bag

Find the MarsBro Sports Bag here on Amazon.

Another great gym bag is MarsBro’s Sports Gym Bag. This bag has a very sleek and professional look, making it stand out from other gym bags. It’s also great for traveling and other outdoor use as it can be used as a carry-on.  Don’t let the “bro” in the name fool you — these bags are great for both genders….. although the styling is pretty subdued has tilts toward being designed for males. Here are some key features of the MarsBro Sports Gym Bag:

  • Storage space. These are big bags. There are four roomy compartments to fit all your items. The main compartment is deep enough for you to pack clothes, electronics, towels, and other gym essentials. Inside the main compartment lies a security pocket to hold your valuable items. The front pocket is great for items you need access to frequently, for example your phone, keys, and cards. Lastly, the side pocket is designed to hold an extra pair of shoes.
  • Durability. All the zippers, tails, and even logo are carefully crafted onto the bag. It’s made from anti-tearing 600D polyester which is a durable and water-resistant fabric.
  • Style. If you look at the bag, you’ll see that it’s incredibly classy. The bag almost looks like it was designed for business professionals from the way it’s designed. It also comes in simple colors including black, pink, black and blue, black and rose, and teal which are perfect for both men and women.

INOXTO Fitness Gym Bag

Find the Inoxto Gym Bag here on Amazon.

Another gym bag we found as one of the best is the INOXTO Fitness Gym Bag. This bag although smaller in size provides a lot of functionality found in other bags. Its unique design makes it one of the best gym bags on the market. Here are some of its key features:

  • Small design storage space. This gym bag is only 17.7 x 10.6 x 10.6 inches and weighs 1.3 lbs. However, it can store more items than you would believe. The main zippered compartment is perfect for carrying clothes, towels, and other bulky items. There’s another outer compartment to hold additional items like books, notes, and electronics. There are two side components, one to carry your water bottles and shakers, and the other to pack an extra pair of shoes.
  • Durability. The INOXTO gym bag is made of completely waterproof and anti-scratch fabric. You don’t have to worry about the bag getting damaged. INOXTO is confident that their gym bag will hold up, so they offer a lifetime warranty on it.
  • Style and value. This gym bag comes in many simple colors including black, blue, dark gray and green, light gray, and purple. The sleek design and simple colors combined with waterproof and anti-scratch material makes this bag incredibly valuable for its price.

Lululemon Lightly Go Duffel

Find the Lulu bag here on Amazon.

Lululemon came on to the scene 10 years ago with high-quality workout gear, made with females in mind.  The Lightly-Go Duffel can absolutely be multi-gender, but we think most of the buyers will be women.  It is a smaller bag, which can be nice in situations where you are carrying the bag with you to work or on public transit, and don’t want a massive bag that will take up a lot of space.

We love the Lulu quality, you won’t go wrong even though they tend to be a bit more expensive. Waterproof compartments, expandable pockets for sweaty clothes, and a stylish design means that you will look good carrying this bag around as well.

  • Most compact design on this list.  A small package which can expand to 14 x 15 x 10 inch dimensions makes the bag a convenient tote for your workout gear. Key pockets expand for those times when you need a little more space. (photo shows expanded bag)
  • Stylish.  Lululemon makes all of their gear with style.  This is a subtle black bag with stylish shape and zips, and will look good on your shoulder.
  • Durable.  We have had very good success with Lulu’s durability over time. Seams are strong, the zipper won’t frustrate you.  Those “little things” make a big difference as you get into the longer-term ownership of any gym bag. You are going to spend a little more on this bag, but you will probably end up using it many more times, too.

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