5 Best Mats for Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga, also known in some circles as Moksha or Modo yoga, evolved out of Bikram yoga in India, but has been popular in North America for about 15 years.

Hot yoga requires thinking a little differently about your gear and attire. If you go to hot yoga classes or have your own set up at home, you’ll want to invest in the perfect hot yoga mat. But before we talk about the perfect mat, it’s important to understand what hot yoga is. The term hot yoga isn’t a made-up term we came up with.

Hot yoga is a variation of traditional yoga, but in a hot or humid environment. The hot environment will cause you to sweat more profusely, resulting in additional calories burned. Performing hot yoga is definitely a challenge, so make sure you proceed with caution.

You might’ve not guessed it, but you shouldn’t perform hot yoga with any mat. You’ll want to use a mat that is specifically designed for this practice. So before we get into the best hot yoga mat, you’ll need to know what to look for.

What to look for in a hot yoga mat

Here are all the important factors to look for in a hot yoga mat. Some factors may be more important to you than others, so you’ll need to make an informed decision based on your needs.

  • Grippy material. As we mentioned earlier, when you’re performing hot yoga, you’ll sweat a lot more than usual. Your sweat when it drips on regular mats will cause you slip and slide, and this can be dangerous. When you look for a hot yoga mat, you’ll need to choose one that’s made of grippy and anti-slip material. It doesn’t matter what type of exercise you’re performing, you should never have to worry about getting hurt while using the mat, so this factor should be a top priority.
  • Great cushioning. The point of using a mat is to keep your body off the hard floor. You should look for a hot yoga mat that’ll provide enough cushioning to protect your body. Again, it doesn’t matter what type of exercise you’re performing, none of your body parts should feel sore or be in pain after using the mat. We aren’t suggesting you look for an incredibly bulky hot yoga mat either, just make sure it’s designed well enough to keep you from getting hurt.
  • Odorless or easy to clean. Another important factor to consider is the odor your hot yoga mat can pick up. Because you’re sweating more often, poorly designed mats will soak up the sweat and release bad odor. Avoid the dreaded “perma-stink.” You should look for a mat that either doesn’t release a bad odor after absorbing moisture or is easy to clean. If your yoga mat starts to smell, it will completely ruin your yoga experience.
  • Perfect sizing. In most cases, it’s always best to go with a large yoga mat. At times, you’ll find yourself performing new exercises you’ve never done before, and this may require you to take up a lot of space. If your hot yoga mat isn’t large enough to protect your body from the hard floor, it’s not going to be fun. Look for a yoga mat that can support your body while performing any exercise. The weight of the mat shouldn’t be a concern as most mats weigh less than 5 lbs.
  • The final factor to consider is durability. If you’ve owned yoga mats before, you’ll notice that they start to rip and tear rather quickly. It’s important to find a hot yoga mat that won’t break apart on you quickly. Of course, the more you use the mat, the quicker it’ll start to tear. Find a mat that is made of high-quality material that’ll last a long time.

Best Hot Yoga Mat Reviews

Now that you know what hot yoga is and what to look for in a mat, it’s time to get yourself a mat. Each of the following mats has been carefully reviewed, so make sure to read through each one carefully before making an informed purchase decision. Here are the four mats we’ll be reviewing:

  1. Healthyoga Snergy Hot Yoga Mat
  2. IUGA Pro Hot Yoga Mat
  3. TOPLUS Travel Hot Yoga Mat
  4. Manduka Pro Yoga Mat
  5. Youphoria Hot Yoga Mat

1. Healthyoga Synergy Hot Yoga Mat

Check out the Healthyoga Synergy Hot Yoga Mat at Amazon.

Here are some of the key features of this hot yoga mat:

  • Anti-slip coating. There is an integrated microfiber towel made of thermoplastic elastomers which prevents you from slipping.
  • Great cushioning. The hot yoga mat is 5mm thick. Combined with TPE material, this mat will provide the perfect cushioning for your body.
  • Closed-cell design. The Synery Hot Yoga Mat has a closed-cell design which prevents germs and bacteria from sneaking in. This also helps to prevent odors.
  • Large sizing. The matt is 72’’ x 26’’ which is a great size for performing yoga. You won’t have to worry about touching the hard floor!

2. IUGA Pro Hot Yoga Mat

Check out the IUGA Pro Hot Yoga Mat at Amazon.

Here are some of the key features of this hot yoga mat:

  • Ultimate grip. IUGA designed this mat carefully to make it as grippy as possible. They’ve integrated a thin polyurethane surface to absorb moisture to keep the mat slip free.
  • The mat is made of eco-friendly materials that are completely skin friendly. This means you won’t have to worry about a rubbery or bad smell while in use.
  • Durability and cushioning. The Pro Hot Yoga Mat is high in density and durable. The unique design will help prevent your mat from breaking down over time. It also has a 5mm base to provide maximum cushioning.
  • Large sizing. This matt is also 72’’ x 26’’ which again is a great size for yoga.

3. TOPLUS Travel Hot Yoga Mat

Check out the TOPLUS Travel Hot Yoga Mat at Amazon.

This yoga mat is perfect for those who consistently take their mat on the go. Here are some of the key features of this hot yoga mat:

  • Anti-slip material. This travel yoga mat is made of natural suede and natural rubber which is a great material to absorb moisture and prevent skidding.
  • Skin friendly and easy to wash material. This hot yoga mat is made of eco-friendly materials which are easy to wash. Simply throw it in the washing machine!
  • Travel size. The mat is great for on the go as it folds up to 12’’ x 8’’. It also unfolds to 68’’ x 24’’ which is still a large size for performing yoga exercises. When you purchase the mat, it also comes with a convenient carry bag.

4. Youphoria Hot Yoga Mat

Check out the Youphoria Hot Yoga Mat at Amazon.

This hot yoga mat is definitely a top seller. Here are some of its key features:

  • Strong grip. This technically designed mat is made of natural and eco-friendly material that prevents you from slipping while in use. It has an incredibly absorbent surface so you don’t have to worry about falling.
  • The Youphoria mat has an open-cell, porous, and antimicrobial surface that is very durable. You’re also given a carry strap to help keep your mat protected.
  • Cushioning and large sizing. The mat is also 72’’ x 24’’ but is 6mm thick. This is thicker than most mats, so you’ll be well cushioned during your yoga sessions.

Odorless. A great feature of this mat is it doesn’t require a lot of cleaning or airing out. The mat naturally wicks away bad odors, so you don’t have to worry about your clothes and body picking up bad smells.


5. Manduka Pro Yoga Mat

Check out the Manduka Pro at REI.  

Manduka does not cut corners on their yoga mats. Buying Manduka is buying quality and longevity in your mat.

  • Zero Slide. The Manduka mat does not slip or slide, staying very grounded to the floor.  For hot yoga, where moisture can be an issue, the Manduka Pro will stay set in place.
  • Firm and solid grip.  With as slippery as a mat can get during hot yoga, the hands and feet stay very fixed to the mat. It has excellent grip qualities, resulting from its quality-made closed cell surface.
  • Durable.  The Manduka Pro should last you for a very long time, offsetting what might seem like a more expensive cash outlay at first.


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