5 Best Long Sleeve Compression Shirts

UA HeatGear compression shirt sleeve

Long sleeve compression shirts are the most popular form of compression gear for the upper body, and popular with all kinds of athletes. Fitness enthusiasts use them to complete their workout outfit. They serve as a base layer underneath a shell or jacket for many athletes who are doing colder-weather sports. Crossfit and workout rats … Read more

Best Gym Bags for Men and Women

If you work out often, you probably carry a lot of things with you, including your workout gear, supplements, a change of clothing, an extra pair of shoes, shaker bottles, and toiletry items. You might even bring some snacks for your post-workout meal. As you can see, there is a lot you could bring to … Read more

5 Best Mats for Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga, also known in some circles as Moksha or Modo yoga, evolved out of Bikram yoga in India, but has been popular in North America for about 15 years. Hot yoga requires thinking a little differently about your gear and attire. If you go to hot yoga classes or have your own set up … Read more

Compression Shorts: What You Get for the Money

Compression shorts are not all created equal.  Some are high-end, highly-technical athletic garments designed for athletes.  Others are essentially underwear that can be had for around $10.  They might not even be comparable, although they are both labeled as “compression shorts”.  A big part of knowing exactly which are for you is to determine your … Read more

Compression Sleeves: Everything You Need to Know

Compression sleeves for runners hit the market several years ago, after having been marketed in the medical products industry for years.  Watch any marathon, and you will see plenty of sleeves being worn.  While many runners and other athletes swear by their benefits, others suggest that you need to be careful and know what you are … Read more

Womens Compression Pants: Reviews and Recommendations

Compression pants for women have come a long way in recent years, thankfully so.  A decade ago, they consisted mainly of running tights and other similar leggings.  Now, compression pants have become mainstream for activities like yoga, crossfit, group fitness, and other popular activities.  The leggings and tights are also increasingly popular for wearing in … Read more

Two Types of Compression Shorts – Underwear or Outerwear

Comrpession Shorts Underwear Outer

Do you wear compression shorts as underwear?  Yes, but know that while some compression shorts are specifically designed as underwear, others have different intended uses.  Either way, compression shorts are meant to be worn with nothing else underneath.  It is perhaps the most common question we receive about compression gear. Compression shorts come in a … Read more

Compression Shorts for Women: An Overview

compression shorts

The compression gear market is pretty evenly targeted toward males and females, but we are happy to see the options for women’s compression gear perhaps outpacing the market for males.  Like all compression gear ranging from compression socks to shirts, compression shorts can provide women comfort, support, and recovery benefits while participating in a wide … Read more

Best Foam Rollers for Runners

Any runner who is past their youthful teen and early 20s years knows that staying healthy is almost as important as running fast.  A foam roller is a secret weapon for may runners and triathletes in the battle against soreness and injuries. A foam roller is a simple tool — basically a tubular chunk of … Read more

How To Use KT Tape

Have you seen athletes (such as runners, weightlifters in the gym, or beach volleyball players) wearing colored ribbons (mainly blue or black) on some parts of their bodies? These strips of colors are a kind of neuromuscular bandage and are applicable in all types of patients (although mostly those suffering from sports injuries), including those … Read more

Basketball Compression Shorts and Tights

Compression shorts and tights have grown in popularity, and perhaps the sport that has seen the biggest increase in popularity is basketball.  In the past few years, compression shorts and tights available for men, women and the youth in all different colors and sizes have exploded on the basketball scene.  Watch an NBA game, and … Read more

Running Shorts for Chafing

If you have decided to run, congratulations.  The merits of running as an excellent form of exercise cannot be overstated. Running is an endorphin producing activity that improves health, increases fitness levels, reduces weight and has been medically proven to counter depression. Running comes with hazards, however, other than the risk of muscle pulls, twisted … Read more