Compression Sleeves: Everything You Need to Know

Compression sleeves for runners hit the market several years ago, after having been marketed in the medical products industry for years.  Watch any marathon, and you will see plenty of sleeves being worn.  While many runners and other athletes swear by their benefits, others suggest that you need to be careful and know what you are … Read more

Tommie Copper Compression Brand Review

Tommie Copper offers a full lineup of compression wear, including shirts, shorts, base layers, gloves, and tights.  Compared to other compression gear makers, Tommie Copper has a different bent than many.  They infuse copper into the gear, which provides another dimension beyond the compression itself. Tommie Copper has been around since about 2010, and in … Read more

2XU Elite Compression Socks Review

2XU Elite compression socks represent some of the leading technology in the market. Our review found them to be effective, comfortable, and durable. You can find them here on Amazon. 2XU is one of our go-to companies when it comes to triathlon gear, wetsuits, and compression wear. While they make compression tights and shorts, 2XU’s … Read more

Best Compression Socks Guide and Reviews

Best Compression Socks

Compression socks have become some of the hottest products on the fitness market today.  You have undoubtedly seen marathoners, triathletes, weekend athletes, and even travelers sporting compression socks.  The growth in compression socks’ popularity follows major growth in the overall compression wear industry, with some reports suggesting it will continue growing at a 6% clip … Read more

Running Gear Discounts

We search the running garment and gear market every week, looking for the needle in a haystack deals that will help you save money.  Instead of you having to go through every single email promotion you receive from stores and manufacturers, we thought we should save you some time.  Whether you are looking for compression … Read more

Best Compression Socks For Nurses

Of all occupations, nurses have among the most demands on their legs. They need to stand for long periods of time, often on unpredictable surfaces or in situations or postures that do not easily provide for frequent rest breaks.  As a result, they are often the first people to look for relief and support in … Read more

Tommie Copper Exo Compression Socks Review

Tommie Copper specializes in the manufacturing of products for athletes and the relief of persistent pain and aches through copper-infused compression. The Exo compression socks of Tommie Copper provide active compression helping blood circulation, reducing fatigue and supporting muscles and joints, in a package that costs around $50. We have seen more copper-infused socks hit … Read more

Compression Wear for Runners and Triathletes

If you have done a running race or triathlon lately, you have likely noticed an uptick in the number of fellow racers wearing compression wear. Someone who you chat with pre-race, you passes you, or who you pass during the race is sporting the latest in compression technology. Why are they wearing it, and what … Read more

New in Compression Gear for 2016

Athletic compression gear has been on a steady upward march for the past decade. Buoyed by the Under Armour brand’s product variety and marketing budget, the entire compression industry has seen significant growth in recent years. 2016 brings a few trends that should give athletes and fitness enthusiasts more choice and ultimately better quality for … Read more

Acel High-Performance Medi-Compression Socks

We tested the Acel high-performance medi-compression socks to see how they performed in various activities. We found that Acel makes a good sock with good compression, a nice fit, and at a decent price point. Acel is a young company that started selling socks in 2015. The company is based in Michigan, although the socks … Read more