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costa reefton shades
Costa Reefton Glasses, at 40% off

We search the running garment and gear market every week, looking for the needle in a haystack deals that will help you save money.  Instead of you having to go through every single email promotion you receive from stores and manufacturers, we thought we should save you some time.  Whether you are looking for compression socks or running watches, we have a bead on which products are good buys at which times of the year.

Here are some of our favorite running gear deals that we found this week.  Our criteria were simple:  A great brand and product that we have no problem recommending, at a price that was at least 30% off.

Costa Del Mar Reefton Sunglasses – 40% off

The first time we ever saw sunglasses priced above $100, we thought “who needs those?”  And then we tried them, and realized just how much of a game changer they were for active people.

The Costa Del Mar Reefton sunglasses are built for people who need excellent UV protection, but in a way that fits a very active lifestyle.  We know that winter running and cycling can create low-light conditions or even some snow blindness, making a good pair of high-quality shades even more important.  They will show contours and contrasts in a way that your typical discount store sunglasses cannot.  The Reefton glasses are excellent for skiing, running, cycling, or even water sports if you are lucky enough to be near a beach that isn’t frozen!

These are normally more than $250, but you can snag them for under $150 at the moment.  Find here.


Brooks Sport Fiona Sports Bra – 30% off

Brooks Fiona Sports Bra

A great moderate-activity sports bra that comes highly rated by users for activities ranging from yoga to spin class to kickboxing.  A combination of clips and velcro straps make the bra adjustable and comfortable for many body types.  The bra can adjust in the front as well as the back, making it configurable for any activity or posture.  The cups have some stretch, and users also love the variety of colors that the bra comes in.

If you are looking for different activity-specific bras, Brooks has those as well, but this is the model that is deeply discounted right now.  30% off right now at REI.


Active Pursuits Tights (womens) – 40% off

Active pursuits tights
Active Pursuits Tights

A good pair of workout tights is essential.  Having a few can be very nice-to-have, so you always have at least on pair that is clean and ready to go.  The Active Pursuits tights are high-quality, highly-rated, and an excellent deal at the current 40% off.  Awesome for cool weather runs and other fitness activities, they get rave reviews for their fit and ability to dry quickly.  A great stocking stuffer, or if you want to just fill your tights drawer with quality gear.  A perfect fit on most people, and they will last a long time.  While we wouldn’t consider these compression tights in the classic sense of the word, they can provide some basic support, but more importantly they are comfortable in a number of temps.

We especially love the flatlock seams, and the waistband pocket (with a zipper) to hold smaller items like cash or a key.  Too many tights come pocketless, which makes no sense at all.

All sizes currently available.  Find here.  


Kuhl Synkro Fleece Hoodie – 30% off

kuhl synkro fleece run
Kuhl Synkro Fleece

We don’t often have a chance to put a Kuhl product on our “best discounts” list, but you are in luck!  The Synkro Fleece hoodie is a cool 30% off right now, and that is an absolute bargain on a great garment from one of our must trusted brands.  For those of you who don’t know, Kuhl began more than 30 years ago in South America as a maker of hardcore technical mountain gear.  They are high-quality.

This is a great mid layer for those really cold runs when you need some thermal qualities, but it is also an excellent outer for the not-so-cold runs where you just need something to keep the core warm.  What we really love about the Synkro is that it is so comfortable you will probably want to wear it at home, too.  It is also moisture-repellent, which is actually just as important on the inside as it is on the outside.

This is normally over $100, but with the discount you can snag it for just $89 at the moment.  Three colors, and all sizes available.


North Face eTip Gloves – 31% off

north face tip
North Face eTip gloves

The North Face eTip gloves are one of our top-ranked running gloves, and what’s not to like?  They fit well, have good colors, and a very functional fingertip that works great ton devices.  We also love that they are made by North Face, one of our favorite outdoor gear makers in general.  These don’t go on sale very often, but right now you can find them at 31% off through one of our trusted partners.  Grab them while they are available! Find here.

We will keep them coming.  We have lots of other pieces as well, such as our market overview of running treadmills, as well on the guide to cold weather running (which you probably don’t need this month!)

We love to hear from our readers — please drop us a line if you are seeing great deals that we should feature in our next update of this article.  The only criteria are that the products need to be high-quality, and the discounts need to be considerable!

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