9 Best Yoga Pants and Shorts

athleta yoga pants

Yoga has become one of the most popular physical activities in the world, and for good reason.  In addition to offering mental and spiritual benefits, yoga can be one of the best single activities for building strength, flexibility, and balance in a way that is generally safe for your body.  The number of people who … Read more

Womens Compression Pants: Reviews and Recommendations

Compression pants for women have come a long way in recent years, thankfully so.  A decade ago, they consisted mainly of running tights and other similar leggings.  Now, compression pants have become mainstream for activities like yoga, crossfit, group fitness, and other popular activities.  The leggings and tights are also increasingly popular for wearing in … Read more

Best Shoes for Standing All Day

If you are on your feet all day – whether it is at work, walking the floors as a nurse, at a museum with your family, or in kitchen working on the perfect meal – comfortable shoes can be the difference between having fun and being in pain. It is particularly true for those who find … Read more

New in Compression Gear for 2016

Athletic compression gear has been on a steady upward march for the past decade. Buoyed by the Under Armour brand’s product variety and marketing budget, the entire compression industry has seen significant growth in recent years. 2016 brings a few trends that should give athletes and fitness enthusiasts more choice and ultimately better quality for … Read more