Skins A400 Compression Tights Review

Over the last few years, there has been an explosion in the number of brands promoting compression clothing for improving athletic performance. Skins are a pioneer and leader among these brands. These compression tights are designed for competing in sports and are able to supercharge your performance in a natural way. As with all good compression tights, the newest Skins model, the Series-3, provide muscular stability while you run or workout, and aid blood circulation and your recovery after a workout.

The Series 3 replaces the Skins A400, a legendary model that didn’t really change for 10 years.

Skins Company Overview

The Skins company was founded in 1996, making it a veritable original in the young world of compression wear.  Founded in Australia, the company is now headquartered in Switzerland and has a major distribution and administration operation in the United States.

Skins made a big switch in their lineup in about 2020, shifting from the A-series that they had stuck with for a long time, to the “Series” lineup, featuring the Series-3 as its base.

Series 3 Overview

Series-3 are compression tights that really work. Testers report that they have a major impact on post-workout soreness, and more specifically they feel tendon pain and knee achesSkins Series 3 lessen. Skins are compression tights that are much tighter than the usual tights available in the market. They can make a lot of difference to your muscles and legs, taking the ache out of them. The stitching inside is of the flat-lock type, which is very comfortable to wear without any chaffing. It compresses in all directions without any loose bits. Your skin can also feel cooler when you wear the Series-3. They breathe very well and can be used comfortably for the most demanding lower body workout, and can make to leg muscles and fatigue. While they are not inexpensive, the Skins fall into the category that we hold a few other models in that they are a worthwhile investment because of the leg health benefits.

Skins made a pretty major product change a few years ago, and runners now report a better overall fit, and very importantly, a longer-lasting shape to the tights. Skins also modified their sizing, to fit multiple body types. They essentially have models for thin, lean runners as well as muscular or thicker runners. This sizing is innovative to the market and we think will create more perfect fits with customers.

This is important, as a perfect fit is crucial for you to feel any real benefit from compression gear. As was discussed in an article on, compression gear only offers any benefit if the garments properly fit your body type. Meaning, you won’t see the full difference unless your compression tights are designed specifically for your body type.

Dr. Gerardo Miranda-Comas has stated that compression gear “can help with biomechanics” as “Compression helps recruit muscle adequately and give you more synchronized movement.” As a sports medicine physician and assistant professor at the Icahn School of Medicine, he certainly is an authority on the matter. He suggests that you should be skeptical of advertising claims regarding increased circulation. This may be true, but it will only benefit you if they fit properly.

A few of the notable features of the A400 tights include:

The Skins A400 tights are among the top options in the compression tights market.The Skins A400 advantages can be seen in several areas:
  • Superb fit. The fit is very comfortable and precise and provides a great range of lengths and also different body shapes for women.
  • UV protection. A UV protection of 50+ is provided, so that you can even go and train in the hot sun without worrying about being affected by overheating risks.
  • Ease of maintenance. Washing is easy and they dry quickly by just hanging them. They are very cool and breathe very well.
  • Warp knit. The compression tights are very well made and none of the seams dig into your skin, in spite of the tightness. They have no natural stretch and produces specific elasticity and compression that are perfectly controlled.
  • Use as underwear. You can wear them under your jeans for a big event or games in the winter.
  • Dynamic gradient compression. This results in less muscle soreness after exercise.
    Constant and controlled compression is provided by the Memory MX fabric that is present on the spine and the scapula.
  • Muscle focus. Movement is unrestricted so that there is no muscle damage. It wraps and supports the key muscle groups in a unique way, so that there is less vibration in the muscles. You will not experience any soreness after the exercise and there is less damage to soft tissues.
  • Moisture management. Fast wicking technology has been used enabling to remove the moisture away from your skin, thereby regulating the body temperature.
  • Odor and stink/stench free. You can obtain full protection from the antimicrobial treatment. Normal Lycra wear produces odor, but the antimicrobial treatment that is permanently provided in Skins compression tights absorbs the odor causing substances through ions. These techniques are built-in the fabric itself and will not go away despite repeated washing.
  • The shirt is kept in place with these compressor tights with the help of a hem gripper.
  • Moderate Warming Effects.  While these are not full-on thermal running tights, they do offer moderate warmth in runs down to the high 40s (farenheit).


Alternatives to the Series 3skins

The Series 3 is the standard-bearer for Skins line of compression tights, but they make a couple additional models as well. For those who want to spend a little less, You might be able to find the older A400 on closeout in certain places. What you give up is some of the “memory” in the fabric that helps keep the tights in original shape and likely extends the life of the garment (although we have not yet done a long-term test on them) and some of the advanced design in the crotch area. Skins also makes an intriguing recovery tight, the RY400 for about $140, which is specifically designed to be worn for several hours after hard workouts or races. It replaces some of the support with more pressure, allowing for improved circulation and recovery, and are intended to be a sleeping tight as well. We have not yet tested them, but given Skins’ excellent reputation and other products, we are intrigued to try them.


Skins A400 and the Series 3 compression tights have great benefits as the recovery after long runs is very quick. They are certainly worth the initial investment, and rank right up there with some of the best tights we’ve seen on the market. Skins has long been a quality maker of compression wear, and they are endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association. The tights seem to be equally suited for the workout and the recovery afterward. We like the gradient compression, the thoughtfulness of the fit in key areas (such as knees and crotch) and the A400 seams tend to be less noticeable than some other tights.

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