Best Multi-Purpose Walking Shoes

Whether you are looking for shoes that will be all-purpose footwear around your house, or ones that will help you walk your way through a foreign country, getting the right walking shoes is an important decision.  If you plan to travel Europe, check out our separate piece on our 3 favorite shoes for traveling Europe.

We think good walking shoes are worth their weight in gold.

When it comes to travel, your walking shoes can be one of the most irritating things to pack for traveling, but they also are one of the most critical.  Often dirty, bulky and heavy, you can often find yourself in a fight between taking as few pairs as possible in order for you to remain under your baggage limitations versus having enough comfort and versatility for everything you have planned to do on your trip. While no sneaker fits every potential travel situation, selecting great multi-purpose footwear helps to decrease space in and the weight of your luggage more than any other suitcase packing decision you might make.

It’s worth remembering that exploring new places often requires long hours walking and or standing in lines. For this reason, choosing the right shoes is absolutely vital. There’s little that can end your day early like sore feet or a sore back, both of which are symptoms of inadequate footwear. You should also consider presentability. A nicer looking pair of walking shoes will go unnoticed if worn to dinner. However, a pair of white trainers will certainly single you out, especially in Europe.

And do NOT forget to do one vital thing before going on any long walking adventure. Break in your new shoes slowly. Shoes come in a huge range of fits, and sometimes they rub wrong. It’s best to break them in before heading somewhere you plan to spend all day on your feet. Otherwise, you’re likely to end the day with blisters.

Men’s Skechers Performance Go Walk 3 Slip on Walking Sneaker

This shoe comes in nine different colors. Also, it’s available in a broad size to fit almost anybody, including offering wide width selections. The traction on this shoe is amazing due to its rubber soles and a heel that measures right around 1.5”.

The fact that they are slide in doesn’t negatively impact on your comfort or stability either in most cases, rather, the degree comfort most people encounter wearing these shoes is extremely significant. Additional excellent features included are a cushioned, memory foam heel and goga mat insole.

Utilizing materials such as these assist in ensuring this shoe remains comfortable and lightweight to walk in. Besides those features, it’s made of highly breathable fabric in order to easily aerate the feet when using them.


Because of the shoe’s build quality, they’re very comfortable as worn.

These shoes, as is expected, are ideal for walking or additional types of physical activity because they’re extremely lightweight.


These shoes might not be shaped in a way that is true to size; therefore, you might need to order a different size from what you usually wear comfortably.

This shoe doesn’t have any laces; therefore, it might not be secure when strolling on rough terrain like trails.  Find here.

Men’s New Balance MW759 Country Walking Sneaker

New Balance’s walking shoe MW759 is an incredible walking shoe built entirely from synthetic materials. It has a lace-up design that has loops of a contrasting shade and it features a protective overlay at the shoe’s toe box. The shoes come in two different palettes of color, so you may choose the colors you prefer.

These shoes, of course, provide an abundance of comfort while moving in them because of their well thought-out build and design. One fabulous feature which stands out with the sneakers is their sturdiness.


They should be extremely comfortable while worn, providing you have your ideal fit.

This footwear is good for walking on concrete flooring because they offer lots of shock absorbance.


They might fit a little snug and are more appropriate for narrow feet; therefore, you might need to order them in a larger size than usual.

If it gets damp, there’s very little traction from the shoe’s base.  Find here. 

New Balance WW1765 Fitness Walking Sneaker

When it comes to sportswear, New Balance is one of the globe’s top brands. This walking sneaker is amongst the lightest walking shoes users can expect to find in the marketplace today. In fact, you may feel as if the overall product isn’t durable enough for long-range use because of the shoe’s light weight. However, this is not true, as there is enough padding inside the footwear to compensate for anything you may think it is lacking.


Its material is synthetic, and the shoe is durable.

It’s available at an appealing price range. That’s the primary reason why the shoe has gained so much popularity amongst walkers everywhere.


Its arch is not as high as some folks might prefer. You may need to dress in thicker socks to compensate for that.

Its insole is softer than with other shoes, so your foot easily can poke into it. Therefore, when you are walking, you might feel as if it does not carry your shoes all of the way up, at all times.  Find here.  

New Balance WW928 Health Walking Laced Sneaker

One other of the top women’s walking shoes is from New Balance. Its fit is perfect. It fits smoothly and is breathable without feeling loose from front to back. It is durable since it is made from leather that has a rubber sole. If you are someone who loves taking long hikes or walks, this shoe will work for you very well.


It is light weight and comes in at 11.4 oz.

Features a rollball support system.


Its price is higher than its “woman’s fitness walking sneaker” designed from the same company. Although they would argue that the shoe is better than other ones, to customers, price often matters and other products are available at considerably lower prices.

Customers have also complained over the confusion regarding the country it’s manufactured in. On the website, it states that it’s made in the United States, however the actual shoe is made in Vietnam.  Find here.  



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