Moving Comfort Womens Compression Shorts Review

The Moving Comfort compression shorts are designed for active women.  They can make good yoga attire, running shorts, or general fitness attire.

With an average price just below $50, this specialized compression short is truly made with the needs of the female athlete in mind.  While showing off athletes figures these compression shorts also provide the utmost level of care and support.  Find it here.

moving comfort shorts women
The 7.5 inch compression short. Non-compression models are also available.

Although many compression shorts claim to have the best interest of all athletes in, not all live up to the promise.  Athletes are often disappointed to find that their workout apparel simply do not provide them with the results that they desired and wanted.  Women especially seem to have a hard time finding apparel that truly matches their bodies needs and provides them with the level of support that they need to make their workouts feel effortless.  All too often the clothing will get in the way, bunching-up and preventing range-of-motion that is right for the particular sport.  The moving comfort compression shorts have provided a way for women to step into their workouts confidently every time with the assurance that their bodies needs truly will be met throughout their workout.


Women will find that the Moving Comfort compression shorts provide them with the versatility and support that they need to have in a compression short during their workouts.  The wearable length of these shorts makes them easy to wear and provides women with a comfortable fit that they do not have to worry about.  Women will truly enjoy their

  • easy to wear
  • ability to machine wash and easily care for
  • small pocket with zipper in the rear of the short — perfect for anything from a lip gloss tube to a credit card and ID

Women can truly focus on their workout and the intensity of their physical actions when they are using this product.  Through allowing the athlete to simply focus on the task at hand and not on the discomfort of their clothing this product provides women with a cutting edge advantage.

Price Range

The Moving Comfort shorts will typically cost between $22 to $40 for an athlete to buy depending on the features and sizing of the product that they purchase.

User Experience

Compression shorts have been widely targeted as being a male athletic apparel item that enhances their workouts.  However, this product completely changes the game.  The playing field has now been leveled with the moving comfort compression shorts that have been designed for the ultimate female athlete.  These shorts provide women to focus on their workout and allow them to experience true physical freedom in their workouts.  Additionally, the overall health of the woman is enhanced by this product through the warmth that it provides to the thighs and the support that it provides them as well.

Women are especially finding that these shorts are extremely advantageous when used for running, triathlons, and walking.  They provide women with the ability to endure significant physical activities and help to ensure that the overall health of the women and muscles is supported to the greatest ability possible.  Women are finding that they can push harder and sustain their workouts for a longer period of time when they utilize this valuable piece of workout apparel.  Many women have seen first-hand that simply wearing this item and not changing any other piece of their workout equipment or routine provides them with visible sustained positive results.  Women will love the comfort with which these shorts provide them with the support that they need and desire.  These shorts are exactly the right size and length to maximize their benefits and to allow for women to enjoy their fit and appearance.


Women who have been searching for a compression short that truly takes their unique needs into account can confidently buy and utilize these shorts to bring their workouts to the place that they have wanted them to be.  Through excellently making a short that is truly unique and targeted to women Moving Comfort has provided a product that is truly valuable in today’s marketplace.  Athletes should not overlook the value of these versatile and comfortable shorts.  Women athletes will truly love the excellence in comfort and support that they find in the moving comfort compression shorts that have totally been made with their complete needs in mind.

As for other shorts to consider, we are fans of the UA Heatgear and Nike Pro-core shorts, although both of those models might be a little more geared toward the undergarment market.  Keep in mind that we review several other shorts in our womens compression shorts reviews, and are constantly updating our analysis with new reviews.

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